The TWO Noah Movies –

Hollywood Noah vs Biblical Noah:

Yes – there are two current Noah movies. Only one is in theaters, and unfortunately it is a 120+ million dollar piece of garbage, that is primarily based on the anti-Judeo-Christian agenda of atheist director Darren Aronofsky. Media reports say he has called his movie “the least biblical film ever made” – and it probably is.

Noah – The Movie. In this big high tech film (even the animals are computer generated), Hollywood Noah is portrayed as more of a left-wing anti-human radical environmentalist who wants to wipe out the human race and save only animals – blaming the reason for the coming flood on human activities and pollution. There are disturbing scenes where Hollywood Noah wants to kill his daughter-in-laws and any female grandchildren, just so the human race ends, but animals and earth are saved. While the movie does show a very evil pre-flood culture (cannibalism, murder, etc) and also a very large seaworthy ark, it is very anti- biblical. It does not identify sin against God as the reason for judgment, but rather sin against the ‘earth’.  It begins with evolutionary scenes giving the impression that humans came from slime then apes and then Adam and Eve and then the human race. This is not a movie to take children or youth groups to – nor is it worth spending a dime on.

To learn more about it – see this panel discussion by many of the leaders of Answers in Genesis who saw the movie and provide more information about its anti-Biblical stance by clicking here.

Noah and the Last days – by Ray Comfort is a half hour film for download (also available on DVD) that interviews people about Noah and the Flood. It explains the Biblical purpose of the flood and a Biblical Noah as a man who “seeked after righteousness”. It discusses many of the questions that people have about the Biblical story such as – ‘How did all the animals fit on the ark?’ ‘Did the flood waters cover the mountains?’ and more.

Noah-And the Last Days” contains a clear gospel presentation. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope for our world. Please share this info by passing this link on to others – especially people that you know that saw the Hollywood version.

You can contact us at 563-449-8111 to purchase DVD copies of  ”Noah and the Last Days” as an outreach to give to friends and family.  3 for $10  For more info on this movie click here:

You can download your copy now for only $4.99 and support the truth rather than Hollywood’s twisted ideas. QCCSA will also have copies of the Ray Comfort DVD (a good outreach tool!) available starting next week.   If you don’t support Hollywood, on this – they WILL eventually listen!  As Ken Hovind has said:  “You have to wonder – is this atheist just seeing if he can make fun of the Bible and get Christians to pay for it?”    You can learn more about the movie on Kent Hovind’s post about it:


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For those of you who saw the Ken Ham – Bill Nye Debate / Creation Ministries Int’l has produced a nice video refuting all thee supposed evidences for evolution, brought up by Bill Nye…. Who actually spent more time attacking Ken Ham, than debating the topic.


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“Every history of the 20th Century lists three thinkers as preeminent in influence:  Darwin,  Marx  and Freud.

  • All three were regarded as “scientific” (and hence far more reliable than anything “religious”) in their heyday.     
  • Yet Marx and Freud have fallen, and even their dwindling bands of followers no longer claim that their insights were based on any methodology remotely comparable to that of experimental science. 
  • I am convinced that Darwin is next on the block. His fall will be by far the mightiest of the three.” 

 - Phillip E. Johnson, “Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds”, Inter-Varsity Press, Downers Grove, IL, USA, p. 95, 1997.

Phil JohnsonPhillip E. Johnson (1940) is a retired UC Berkeley law professor and author. He became a born-again Christian while a tenured professor and is considered the father of the intelligent design movement.



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